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 Access Statement

Access Statement


We aim to cater for the needs of all visitors in our home-based 6 bedroom bed and breakfast. The following statement is a summary of our provision. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to call us and we will endeavour to help.

Both the bus staion and train station are a 5 minute walk away. There is a local taxi service that has accessible taxis if required, we can make a booking for you.

Brochures and menus can be provided in large print and a spoken cassette description can be arranged.

The guest house is open all year round; it is also our home, so it is occupied 24 hours a day. Telephone answered between 7am – 10pm.

Our address is 25 West Avenue, Filey, North Yorkshire, YO14 9AX.

Arrival & Parking Facilities

We are located on a main road and there is a single yellow line outside. From October to February, parking is allowed and from March to September, no parking with the exception of disabled badge holders who are allowed a 3 hour stay.

The short foot path from the gate to the front door is an even-paved area.

We can assist guests with luggage.

The town centre is only 2 minute walk and the sea front is a 5 minute walk but does incur a steep downhill slope.

Main Entrance & Reception

The front door has one step 12cm high. We have a temporary ramp available (let us know if you need this and we will provide on arrival).

The first door is always open and has a width of 1000cm. The second door is always locked but has a bell situated at a height of 1450cm.

On entry there is a hallway – 1 meter (400cm) by 4 meters (230cm).

There is seating provided in the hallway.

The flooring has carpet throughout the ground floor.

Public Areas – General (Internal)

Our corridors on all floors are 1400cm wide. The stairs are 830cm wide. There are 10 stairs to a split landing which is 1 meter by 2 meters then there are 8 more stairs to the first floor landing. There are another 10 stairs to a second split landing which is 1 meter by 2 meters and 8 more stairs to the top landing.

The stairs are 15cm high, 25cm deep, 85cm wide.

Corridors have a good colour contrast and are well lit.

The dining room is on the ground floor.

Public areas – WC

Bedrooms are en-suite but no public WC available. Large family room has private facilities along the corridor.

Grounds & Gardens

We have a small patio garden to the front of the property which has flower tubs and hanging baskets, we have fold away chairs (weather permitting).

Dining Room

Breakfast in served in the dining room on the ground floor.

Furniture is flexible and can be moved on request.

Tables have an underspace of 67cm high by 56cm wide and a height of 76cm (legs on each corner) there are chairs without arms which can be moved to accommodate.

Menus are provided in large print and can be read out if required.

We play background music in the dining room which can be turned off if requested.

One Family Room

Bedroom fitted with short pile carpets. Door width 82cm, large bedroom with colour remote tv, sink 82cm high no under space. Double bed, single bed & bunk beds, door width 76cm. Space round double bed 68cm. Separate shower room on the corridor door width 74cm, step/edge 26cm, shower width 74cm, toilet height 46cm, under sink space 72cm, space clear of door 1.5m by 1.5m, two arm chairs . There is a separate shower room on the corridor which has shower, sink & toilet. Shower edge 30cm, toilet height 40cm, under sink 64cm, there is a space of 1m by 1m.

One Double Room

Bedroom fitted with short pile carpets. Door width 82cms, large bedbroom with 2 arm chairs, en suit shower room step/edge 33cms, shower width 85cms, toilet height 40cms, under sink 64cms space 80cms by 90cms. Double bed with 50cms at one side and 80ams at other. Room space 1m by 1.5m.

One Twin Room

Bedroom fitted with short pile carpets. Door width 82cm, two twin beds, colour remote tv, space at side of 1st bed 70cm, between beds 50cm (2nd bed next to wall), clear floor space 2m by 2m, ensuite shower room, door opening into bedroom 76cm, toilet 40cm, step/edge into shower 30cm, under sink space 60cm. Two arm chairs.

One Twin Room

Bedroom fitted with short pile carpets. Door width 76cms, colour remote tv, small 2 seater sofa, two single beds, ensuite shower room with saniflo system, shower step/edge 35cms, shower width 76cms, toilet height 40cms, under sink 65cms. Space around beds 1m, space between beds 40cms. Room space 1m by 1m.

One Family Room

Bedroom fitted with short pile carpets. Door width 76cms, colour remote tv, small 2 x tub chairs, double bed, & single bed, ensuite shower room shower stepo/edge 33cms, shower width 87ams, toilet height 42cms, under sink space 64 cms, space round double bed 1m, room space 1m by 1m.

One Double Room

Bedroom fitted with short pile carpets. Door width 76cms, colour remote tv, king size bed, 1 tub chair. Ensiute shower room, shower width 82cms, shower step/edge 30cms, toilet height 40cms, under sink 64cms. Space to one side of bed 1m and 55 cms to other side, room space 1m by 2m.

Additional Information

Assistance dogs are welcome.

Mobile phone reception is generally good. Pay phone in reception.

We are able to use the front and back doors in the need of evacuation, the fire alarm rings continuously if evacuation is needed. If you require more assistance for evacuating please notify us on arrival and we will ensure you are evacuated safely e.g. Hearing impairment.

We are happy to take delivery of hired equipment (please let us know if ordered – telephone numbers below for hirers).

We are a no-smoking building (smoking is allowed in the small front garden and bins are provided).

We can accommodate items in our main fridge on request, please advice if medication needs to be refrigerated and the accessibility of the medication.

Other Contact Numbers

Local hire company. (Keep Mobile: 01723 514411).

Local Public Transport Numbers (East Yorkshire Buses – 01482 592929), (National Rail: 08457 484950).

Local Accessible Taxi Number (JA Taxis: 07994 432438).